Collection Tables

Tilt Tables

CDS’ Series of Tilt Tables feature a pneumatically-activated tilt-action that transfers material to a collection area.


01. Heavy-duty steel construction
02. Transfer material quickly to a collection area
03. Tilt-action control
04. Line direction: Right to Left/Left to Right
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Standard FeaturesCTT6CTT8CTT12CTT15
Table LengthUp to 24’
Table Width 6’’8’’12’’15’’


Dual configuration
Customizable pan width and length
Customizable collection area
Tilt action controlled by electronic timer, mechanical limit switch or photo-optic sensor
Mobile cart
Line Integration: Hard-wired interconnection
Electrics: 120VAC/1 PH/60 Hz, 220VAC/1 PH/50 Hz
UL-CSA-CE Certification
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Tilt Tables

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