CDS has your back covered with its professional and efficient after sale services.

We have your productivity at heart which explains why our expertise and know-how are guaranteed to bring you satisfaction.

Got a problem with your machinery? Have some concerns? Want to ask a few questions? Call us anytime: our service lines are open 24/7; or write us an email and we will respond within the next 24 hours.

customer-agentSERVICE & SUPPORT (24 HRS)

Toll free 1-877-633-1993, ext. 241
Phone (514) 633-5933, ext. 241


Toll free 1-877-633-1993, ext. 241
Phone (514) 633-5933, ext. 241


Toll free 1-877-633-1993, ext. 241
Phone (514) 633-5933, ext. 241


Our Service department is there to perform any necessary repairs to optimize the performance of your equipment. Something is not working quite right? Be sure to let us know as soon as you have concerns as we most likely have the solution!

Whether you call it remanufacturing, rebuilding or overhauling, we deliver this service with one objective in mind: to make your machine work again and with the same level of productivity it once enjoyed. Your machine is over a decade old? Needs mechanical or electrical upgrade? We got you covered! No need to be a CDS machine, let us show you the numerous benefits and cost savings of our refurbishing services.

Why Refurbish with CDS?

  • Enhances the market value of non-performing or damaged equipment
  • Delivers a high return on capital equipment investments (rebuilding can represent as
    little as 50% of a new machine)
  • Maximizes equipment efficiency and performance by adding new components and accessories
  • Eliminates the process of identifying, comparing, and acquiring new capital equipment
  • Enables the equipment to accommodate component upgrades according to current industry standards
  • Eliminates machinery scraps and storage
  • Minimizes training for operators they would spent on new machinery


We know our machines best! This is why the CDS Service Department is your primary resource for technical support and/or troubleshooting on your equipment. Receive superior support with a quick consultation on any issue or operational problem. CDS field technicians are also available for onsite support; contact the Service department for availability and scheduling.


Whether you have a missing, defective, or worn-out component or accessory, we can replace it expeditiously. Optimize and prolong the life span of your machine by selecting from CDS vast array of brand name and factory-built replacement parts. All parts come in multiple sizes, grades and types.



Not sure where to start once you’ve acquire brand new machinery? No problem! CDS understands the importance to start on the right foot and we want you to be fully productive from the get-go.

CDS machinery is shipped with user manuals specific to your machine including main operational functions and safety features. Would you require additional support with your machine operation we can assist you! CDS offers training sessions with our experienced technicians to ensure your full understanding of your equipment and that you are able to be productive from the start.

We offer to start-up your new machinery to ensure that the correct sequence of operations is followed. Our field technician will schedule a visit for the start-up at the earliest convenience.



CDS manufactures reliable equipment for optimal performance and safe operations! Prevention is key to avoid serious injuries by ensuring that all safety precautions in your manufacturing process are considered. As local safety standards vary by province or state and country, it is important to familiarize yourself with local laws. Should you have a unit or system that requires an upgrade of safety features, do not hesitate to contact CDS Service department to enquire on your safety upgrade requirements.

Maintaining your equipment is critical to exploit your CDS equipment long-lasting lifespan to its full capacity. Stay ahead of the game and take advantage of a long term commitment to you and your machinery. Contact CDS Service, your most reliable resource, for information on our preventative maintenance programs.

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