Our solutions

Since 1997, CDS has been designing downstream extrusion machinery for different markets including profiles, pipes, rubber,
automotive, tubes, medical, and engineering plastics that meet the specific market and customer requirements.


CDS ensures our machines are designed with all the features required for manufacturing high performance products.

Machinery installed, tested and proven by thousands of customers.
Thousands of downstream machinery in operation in North America and abroad.
Premium quality off-the-shelf components chosen by satisfied and loyal suppliers for more than two decades.
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We are constantly innovating our models, designs, and accessories to give our customers a competitive advantage in the different downstream extrusion markets.

CDS’ equipment and post-extruder systems have been designed according to our customers’ specific needs and to provide the best possible solutions for the rubber and plastic extrusion industry.

Our equipment

Our equipment can also process extruded cables, pultruded shapes, copper, and aluminum materials and have been adapted for the most demanding extrusion applications:

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