Engineering plastics

CDS’ Machinery is equipped to handle Engineering Plastics for your most demanding applications. Our machines are built with the necessary hydraulics, programming, and safety features for solid construction and efficient production. Customize your machinery for appropriate heat resistance, mechanical strength, rigidity, chemical stability, and flame retardants.

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Our machinery can process extruded slabs, tubes, and rods from different materials, including PE, PETFE, PVC, PP, Nylon, Acetal, Delrin, Peek, and other similar materials for the following applications:

Oil and gas
Health care
Food processing
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Our engineering plastic equipment

Engineering Plastics Pulling Machines
Slab/Rod Haul-Off Brakes
Tube/Rod Haul-Off Brakes
Engineering Plastics Cutting Machines
Engineering Plastics Collection Machines
Engineering Plastics Auxiliary Equipment
Slab/Rod Haul-Off Brakes
Tube/Rod Haul-Off Brakes

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Our engineering plastic equipment

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