Vacuum Tanks

Vacuum Sizing Tanks

CDS’ Vacuum Sizing Tanks offer efficient vacuum and flood cooling. Each compartment is customized with steady vacuum levels for consistent cooling and sizing.


01. Heavy-duty steel construction
02. Stainless steel upper tanks and reservoirs
03. Hinged safety clear-view lids
04. Front or pendulum mounted operator panel
05. Water level control
06. Water turbulence bars
07. Product support rollers
08. Vacuum and/or flood capabilities
09. 3-axis movement for precise alignment with the extrusion line
10. Line direction: Right-Left/Left-Right
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Dual or Quad configuration
Different tank lengths
Customizable vacuum and water manifolds
Air wipe or blower systems
Vacuum pumps – Dry vacuum
Ultrasonic wall unit mounting
Stainless steel lids
Catwalk with guarded rail
Service step
Entrance and/or exit horizontal and vertical adjustable guide rollers
Water evacuation pumps
Motorized longitudinal tank movement
Contoured support rollers or saddles
Adjustable product support rollers from outside of tank via hand wheel
Ovality control roll assembly
Pump service slides with quick-disconnects
Plate and Frame/Shell and Tube heat exchangers
Differential pressure and temperature gauges
Dual or single stainless steel basket filter with bypass system
Water recirculation, integrated cooling, and loop control heating systems
Temperature control
Heavy-duty stainless steel support frame
Insulation on tanks and/or all water components
UV water purification system
Touch screen controls (HMI)
Programmable recipes
Allen-Bradley, Omron, and Siemens packages available
Line Integration: Hard-wired interconnection (analog microprocessor interface, speed signal to measuring device, encoder I/O), Ethernet/IP
Electrics: 230-460-575VAC/3PH/60 Hz, 380-400VAC/3PH/50 Hz
UL-CSA-CE Certification
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Vacuum Sizing Tanks

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