Embossing Stands

Upper/Lower Driven Embossing Stands

CDS’ Driven Embossing Stands are equipped with upper and lower driven rolls that embed a repeated, customer-specified pattern into the extruded material.


01. Full coverage safety enclosure
02. Heavy-duty steel construction
03. Pneumatic upper clamping control
04. Manually adjustable bottom roll
05. Adjustable entrance guide rollers
06. Inline reducers for upper/lower embossing rolls
07. Vector closed-loop electrical system with encoder feedback
08. Line direction: Right-Left/Left-Right
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Dual configuration
Oil or electric heating system and control
Spare embossing blank/engraved oil or electric heated rolls
Servo-motorized clamping control with touch screen controls (HMI)
Direct drive system with servo controls, motors, and touch screen controls
Gap indicator
Forklift slots on frame
Touch screen controls (HMI)
Programmable recipes
Allen-Bradley, Omron, and Siemens packages available
Line Integration: Hard-wired interconnection (analog microprocessor interface, speed signal to measuring device, encoder I/O, Ethernet/IP (Not applicable on Ultrasonic Loop Controls)
Electrics: 230-460-575VAC/3PH/60 Hz, 380-400VAC/3PH/50 Hz
UL-CSA-CE Certification
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Upper/Lower Driven Embossing Stands

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