December 11, 2017


CDS Inc., is a leading manufacturer of downstream plastic extrusion systems for some of the largest suppliers of plastic products in North America. As a manufacturer of custom turnkey systems, CDS is known for its dedication, hi-quality & durable machinery. CDS continues to strive for excellence and its employees are the key to its continued growth and success.


Tasks and responsibilities

  • Read the plans or drawings of the part to be made;
  • Visualize the required assembly, determine the necessary steps;
  • Determine the equipment and welding techniques required, establish welding parameters and select filler equipment;
  • Adjust the parameters of the appropriate welding equipment TIG, MIG & Flex Core;
  • Weld parts;
  • Take the parts, clean and install them if necessary;
  • Check the quality of the welds made and the dimensions of the parts while ensuring that the welded assembly has the desired shape;
  • Do verification and routine maintenance of equipment;
  • Respect the safety instructions and instructions of his superior;
  • All other related tasks;


Skills & requirements

  • DEP in welding or equivalent;
  • Minimum 2 years of experience as a welder in a manufacturing company;
  • Knowledge of measurement tools, reading plans, TIG, MIG & Flex Cores processes, welding techniques;
  • Able to work efficiently under pressure;
  • Good dexterity;
  • Punctual;
  • Interest in precision work, able to visualize assemblies;
  • Organizational, methodical, analytical skills;

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