Our warranty follows CDS’s promise to deliver durable, reliable machinery with an unparalleled expertise behind it. We strongly believe that you should not be penalized for something you clearly had no control over and this is why our warranty is very competitive and offers one of the highest flexibility within the industry.

CDS warranty covers all parts and craftsmanship for a period of 12 months from ship date or a maximum of 4000 hours of operation; whichever comes first.

Consequently, it can only cover what would be considered manufacture defect; therefore it cannot include defective parts caused by:

  • Manipulation from non-authorized persons
  • Improper use
  • Foreign influence
  • Damage because of faulty operation and failure to repair and/or service (lack of maintenance)

We unfortunately cannot hold the warranty on tools/tooling and there is also no warranty on parts subject to wear such as, but not limited to:

  • Sealing and seal assembly, brushes, O-rings, sealing rings.
  • Mechanical and Electrical safety device (fuse, shear pin, mechanical clutch…)
  • Technical rubber (i.e. haul off pads, belts,)
  • Working tools (saw blades, cutting knives, Punch sets…)
  • Consumer goods (glow lamps, dust bag, filters, LED’s, heating elements, measuring sensor, thermocouple, pressure sensors.)

In order to protect your right towards the warranty and avoid unnecessary extra cost that would normally be included within the warranty we also ask our customers to be responsible towards certain criteria at the time that they suspect a problem is occurring. We appreciate and ask that the following requirements be fulfilled by our customers:

  • The customer is obliged to inform immediately and in writing of the damaged / defective parts or machinery.
  • Pictures of damaged parts or machinery have to be sent to CDS together with a written explanation to the CDS Service Department.
  • Damaged/ defective parts or machinery have to be returned to CDS with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) provided by CDS Service Department.

Finally, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, CDS will only pay the costs of the damaged/replacement parts. Any costs related to shipping, labor, travel, lodging, car rental, and meals are extra. The original CDS period of warranty (see item 1) will not be prolonged due to fault correction.

Our service department and/or your sale representative are there to provide assistance for any questions or concerns concerning CDS warranty.

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