Turnkey Systems

Turnkey: ADJ. “complete and ready to be used” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2015)

Our greatest area of expertise is in our ability to deliver your project from A to Z. We offer complete custom design machinery for your end product and we assist you every step of the way. What does this really means? To put it in simple terms, even if you are a new comer within the plastic extrusion industry you will be in good hands with acquiring CDS Turnkey Systems Solutions.

  • CDS will provide design options to maximize your desired production
  • We will manufacture your durable and reliable machinery’s entire line(s)
  • We will offer you training on every unit from your brand new CDS custom line(s)
  • We will offer advices to maintain your machinery up-to-date

Our service team also offers a wide range of after-sale options for you to keep your line fully operational 24/7.

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