CDS pullers are the most reliable in the industry for light or heavy duty applications. Pull everything from thin-wall medical tubing to large diameter pipe or custom profiles. Customize your system to the appropriate pulling force and traction length for an efficient repeatable process and easy operation.

Belt Pullers

Versatile as the applications they handle, CDS's belt pullers are your choice for pulling standard or custom profiles and small to medium-sized tubular products, such

Cleat Pullers

Large rigid profiles need large rigid pullers to keep them moving along the extrusion line smoothly. CDS’s Cleat Pullers have a robust platform designed to

Pipe Pullers

To accommodate the size and unique processing requirements of extruded pipes, CDS offers its brand of Pipe Pullers, which are designed to provide steady, precise

Slab-Rod Pullers

When belt or cleated pullers aren't enough to pull heavy polymer shapes, processors turn to CDS's Slab/Rod Haul-offs. With a pulling force of 100,000Ibs, sizeable

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