CDS cutters and saws can execute clean and precise cuts for flexible and semi-rigid thermoplastics. Each machine is specific to different applications and offers various customizable options.


CDS cutters and saw can execute accurate cuts for flexible and semi-rigid thermoplastics. Select from a variety of heavy-duty and light-duty machines in order to

Cut-Off Saws

CDS's traveling up-cut saws are ideal for cutting semi-rigid to rigid applications, such as window lineals, fencing panels, siding, railing and small to medium-sized tubular

Down-Cut Saws

CDS Down-Cut saw sequencing performs cuts from top down where the table returns to home after the cut. A heavy-duty support base is painted for

Cross-Cut Saws

CDS’s traveling Cross-cut Saw is specifically designed to cut extra wide applications, such as decking boards and polymer slabs. Unlike the traveling up-cut saw, this

Planetary & Custom Saws

CDS's servo-driven Planetary Saws are designed and manufactured to accurately cut pipes of various materials and diameters (O.D.). The unit's blade executes its incision around


Guillotines offer an excellent alternative to conventional cutters and saws. Its main feature is a completely chipless cut which, unlike the other cutting forms, allows

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