Cool & Size

Ensure a stable process and consistent finished parts through CDS’s cooling & sizing downstream systems. Our expertise is demonstrated in the flexibility of our manufacturing capabilities. Customize your system according to vacuum levels and water recirculation to match your application requirements:

Vacuum Calibration Tables

CDS’s vacuum calibration units, provide a flexible platform for sizing rigid polymer profiles, such as window frames, fencing panels, and decking boards. The unit's stainless

Vacuum Sizing Tanks

A testament to CDS's flexible manufacturing capabilities are its vacuum sizing tanks, which cool and size post-extruded applications using flood, spray, or a combination of

Cooling Tanks

CDS’s extrusion cooling tanks are offered in a variety of sizes, and are made of non-ferrous materials to minimize rusting and water contamination. Capable of

Air Cooling Tables

CDS air tables cool plastic profiles by means of adjustable air blowers and nozzles. The tables are solidly constructed and can be easily positioned to

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