Control & Automation

CDS's capabilities with control and automation integrate complex extrusion systems with multiple lines.  Run multiple applications simultaneously, and economize space on their plant floor. The dual lines are ideally suited for high-output extrusion applications such as window lineal, fencing panels, and siding.  Customize your system in integrating robotics and programming to other electrical components. Reduce lead time and facilitate your overall operations.

  • Generate alarms for temperature, vacuums and conveyor action.
  • Regulate water temperatures and laser set point and bandwidth.
  • Program of speed transitions at different stages of your process.
  • Run two or common individual applications simultaneously on one platform.
  • Maximize your extruder throughput.

CDS machinery includes a combination of standard features as well as optional process monitors that can be integrated to your control system architecture and communications network. Determining the best throughput rate of a turnkey extrusion line depends on a series of parameter testing for the most effective temperatures and vacuum levels for any extrusion process. Each machine within the extrusion line from the extruder to the end of the downstream is monitored with a combination of hardware and programming. Over time, if process parameters drift, & alarms will notify the operator and facilitate troubleshooting, thereby ensuring optimal performance of the system at all times. All controls are user friendly and the machines have integrated safety controls. Whether it is for cool & size, pulling, cutting, collecting or texturizing, our machinery may include one or more of the following control features:

Cool & Size Controls (A)

  • Control panel with PLC and HMI (touch screen) 
  • Start/Stop of all pumps and blowers
  • Adjustable vacuum levels
  • Read out of vacuums and level display
  • Table or tank movements

Haul-Off Controls (B)

  • Digital speed indicator
  • Master//Follower selector with 0-10 volts DC signal (VDC) input
  • Digital speed set-point
  • Start/Stop controls

Cutters and Saws Controls (C)

  • Control panel with PLC and HMI (touch screen)
  • Adjustable cut length and blade speed
  • Start / Stop and manual cut push button
  • Counter with reset
  • Fine tuning

Combo units (D)

  • Control panel with PLC and HMI (touch screen)
  • Recipes
  • Alarms

Collection Machines Controls

  • Digital speed indicator
  • Reel selector
  • Master//Follower selector

Line Master Control (HMI) for complete line control (E)

Although the automation and control system is optional; they are essential for complete lines control of a Turnkey System. Line system monitoring allows adjusting vacuum levels, temperatures and speeds of an entire line from a same screen.

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