For how long has CDS been in business?

CDS has been in business for over 18 years. The company was officially instated in 1997. Read full history here

How many people work for your company?

CDS currently employ around 100 employees that include tenacious workers, talented engineers and accomplished professionals. We’re always on the lookout for new talents! Visit our career section to see what positions are currently available.

Can we decide the color for new CDS machinery?

Absolutely! The representation from pictures is mostly our standard company colors for our machinery but clients are more than welcome to customize it according to their company colors or taste. The best part? We do it at no extra cost!

How do you calculate the cooling requirements?

The complexity of this question cannot be effectively answered without asking at least quite a few more questions. A Sales Representative will gladly go over all the details necessary to answer that question.

Can clients come and pay CDS a visit?

Absolutely! We highly value clients’ interest in their new machinery purchase. They are always welcome to pay us a visit to overview our facility, their current projects and meet our team at our mutual convenience.

When will you have a new catalog?

New catalog and brochures will be available later this year. We focused a lot of energy bringing you a brand new Website and we will follow through with important material such as brochures in the months to come.

What is included in your warranty?

Learn everything there is to know about our warranty here

Are you open on Saturdays?

While most of our administrative operations are not active over the weekends, the service department  is on call 24/7. Would you require immediate assistance on other matters, please communicate with your local representative and we will get back to you at the earliest time.

Why is CDS machinery expensive compared to some competitors?

In fact, we offer very competitive prices when you assess the value for your money. We are well recognized in the industry for durable & reliable machinery that will last you a lifetime! If you compare our product life expectancy to some other machinery on the market there’s simply no comparison.

The fact that we also offer you the possibility to customize your product is a trait we believe has great value has almost none of our units are ever the same! Finally, most of our competitors out there are expanding their portfolio and range of products while we kept our focus and shaped our expertise on Downstream Extrusion Solutions for the last 18 years!

So, your machinery is indestructible?

The truth is, we do offer one of the, if not the most durable, robust machinery in North America! The evidence is out there supporting this claim. We make them tough so they last a longer period of time. We want you to have a maximized production for decades down the road.It does not mean our machinery maintain themselves: taking good care of your machinery will expand their lifespan and we will be there to assist you with any repairs, parts replacement, preventive maintenance, refurbishing and rebuilds needs you might encounter in the years to come.

What if I don’t know anything about plastic extrusion?

Newly beginning in the downstream extrusion business sector? NO problem. Our turnkey systems solutions are there to guide you every step of the way: we will provide guidance in design to maximize your production for the desired end product, manufacture durable and reliable machinery entire line(s), offer you a full training on every units and advise you on the best way to maintain your machinery up-to-date. Our after sale service options will also be a phone call away for any questions, concerns or problems you might have.

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