Downstream Extrusion Solutions



Whether your industry serves oil & gas, mining, building & construction, agriculture or irrigation, CDS pipe systems will exceed your expectations as our engineered options are endless. Our machinery can process extruded and co-extruded pipes from various materials including PVC, CPV, PE, HDPE and LDE.


CDS tube downstream extrusion is the most competitive line accompanied by unparalleled expertise. Machine applications are engineered according to the elasticity, abrasion and tear strength of your materials and processes. Extrusion capabilities include rubber hoses, irrigation tubing, cable & wiring, rods, straws and more. Medical tubing, although not any different in


CDS’s machinery can be used in any consumer or industrial application with a wide array of materials including thermoplastic and rubbers. Rely on our skilled production team to engineer, design and manufacture your next downstream extrusion system. Basic profile applications include bumpers, coverings, deck and rail, edge banding, fencing panels, gaskets,


CDS’s expertise has allowed us to penetrate international markets with the Medical Applications for biotechnologies, pharmaceutical and medical processes. Our medical extrusion systems are designed for consistent accuracy and precision.  Built of stainless steel according to medical industry standards, they may be used in a clean room environment for easy maintenance. Our


CDS’s ability to offer machinery capable of producing end product coming from plastic alternatives such as rubber demonstrate our promise to offer customized products. Rubber offers a wide range of possibilities and our expertise is able to accommodate a various range of custom profiles such as connectors, expansion joints, gaskets,


CDS’s production team will provide invaluable insight to any automotive downstream extrusion system. Single layer or co-extrusion applications range from standard materials such as bumpers, gasket and seals. Each machine is manufactured with precision and superior workmanship for optimal performance and reliability. Automated processes Environmentally friendly Minimal operational noise

Engineering Plastics

CDS machinery is equipped to manipulate engineering plastics for your most demanding applications. Our machines are built with the necessary hydraulics, programming and safety features for solid construction and efficient production. Customize your machinery for appropriate heat resistance, mechanical strength, rigidity, chemical stability and flame retardants. Options to adapt your system


CDS also serve a variety of plastic downstream extrusion processes with custom applications. Our innovativeness and versatility has been demonstrated through our custom extrusion lines. Serving customers with the most particular and out of the ordinary specifications, CDS accepts challenges from a range of technologies as well as for

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