Roll Wheel/Tire Haul-Off

tire-haul-offtire-haul-off2CDS Roll Wheel/Tire Haul-Off are effective pulling systems for your application.

Roll Wheel Haul-Off Specifications (CRH Series)

Standard FeaturesCRH 2CRH 8
Roller O.D.4″8″
Roller width4″3″
Numbeer or Rollers2 – 1 Top and 1 Bottom8 – 4 Top and 4 Bottom
Max. Roller Opening2″6″
Manual Top and Bottom Roller adjustmentYesYes
Adjustable entrance guide rollersYesYes
Vector motor/drive control systemYesYes
Digital speed displayYesYes
10 turn Potentiometer speed adjustmentYesYes
Master/Follower seclector switchYesYes
Line direction:
Right to LeftYesYes
Left to RigthYesYes
Safety Options :
Safety enclosureYesYes
CSA – UL InspectionOpt.Opt.
Clamping Option:
Top conveyors pneumatic clampingYesYes
Manual self-centering conveyor height adjustmentOpt.Opt.
 Remote control Option:
50′ remote controlOpt.Opt.
75′ remote controlOpt.Opt.
100′ remote controlOpt.Opt.
Motor control Option:
Inverter motor/drive control systemOpt.Opt.
Vector direct drive (2 motors, 2 drives, 2 gear boxes) control systemOpt.Opt.
Servo motor/drive control system includes touch screenOpt.Opt.
Servo direct drive (2 motors, 2 drives, 2 gear boxes) control system includes touch screenOpt.Opt.
Other options:
Touch screen operational control (not servo)Opt.Opt.
Footage counter options:
Mechanical Footage CounterOpt.Opt.
Digital Footage CounterOpt.Opt.
Length CounterOpt.Opt.
Patriot GAP IndicatorOpt.Opt.
230-460-575V AC / 3PH /  60 Hz, 380-400V AC / 3PH / 50 HzYesYes

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