January 01, 1970

Wiring specialist

Reports to: Electrical Supervisor


Tasks & responsibilities

  • Read and interpret electrical drawings of electromechanical assemblies;
  • Install electrical panels on industrial machinery;
  • Install the cables on the industrial machinery;
  • Crimp electrical wires and cables of different types and sizes from various contacts, lugs and splices;
  • Install cables, subassemblies according to markers, wiring diagram and drawings in the cabinet;
  • Perform the wrapping;
  • Mount, adjust and install prefabricated parts or components (assemblies, hydraulic or mechanical systems) on electromechanical systems;
  • Modify or adjust complex and small electromechanical parts;
  • Wire electrical panels of industrial machinery as needed;
  • All other related tasks;


  • DEP or AEC in industrial electrician;
  • 2 to 3 years of experience in a similar job;
  • Knowledge of industry standard;
  • Bilingual French and English is an asset;
  • Know the rules of health and safety at work;

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